Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical is a retired US Army 1st SFOD-Delta combat veteran with years of experience in the firearms industry as a combat marksmanship instructor and industry consultant. In recent years he has hosted tactical firearms related TV shows on the Sportsman Channel with the latest being TacTV of which Bravo Company is a presenting sponsor. Larry Vickers special operations background is one of the most unique in the industry today; he has been directly or indirectly involved in the some of the most significant special operations missions of the last quarter century. During Operation Just Cause he participated in Operation Acid Gambit – the rescue of Kurt Muse from Modelo Prison in Panama City, Panama. As a tactics and marksmanship instructor on active duty he helped train special operations personnel that later captured Saddam Hussein and eliminated his sons Uday and Qusay Hussein. In addition he was directly involved in the design and development of the HK416 for Tier One SOF use which was used by Naval Special Warfare personnel to kill Osama Bin Laden. Larry Vickers has developed various small arms accessories with the most notable being his signature sling manufactured by Blue Force Gear and Glock accessories made by Tangodown. In addition he has maintained strong relationships with premium companies within the tactical firearms industry such as BCM, Aimpoint, Black Hills Ammunition, Wilson Combat and Schmidt & Bender.


Ken Hackathorn has served as a US Army Special Forces Small Arms Instructor, Gunsite Instructor, and NRA Police Firearms Instructor. He is currently an FBI Certified Firearms Instructor, Certified Deputy Sheriff with Washington County SO, Ohio, and a SRT member and Special Response Team trainer. Ken has trained US Military Special Operations forces, Marine FAST and SOTG units and is a contract small arms trainer to FBI SWAT and HRT.

Ken has provided training to Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies and been active in small arms training for the past 25 years. He has written firearms related material for Guns & Ammo, Combat Handguns, Soldier Of Fortune, and currently American Handgunner and contributed to at least six other gun/shooting journals. Ken was also a founding member of IPSC and IDPA.

Daryl Holland retired as a Sergeant Major (E9)  after 20+ years of service in 2007.  He has served in the 82nd Airborne, 1st Special Forces Group, and, for over half of his career, in Delta Force.  He has prosecuted hundreds of combat missions around the world during his time in special operations from Afghanistan's Hindu Kush mountains to the streets of Baghdad.  He has served in multiple capacities in Delta from assaulter, team leader, sniper, and as an OTC instructor.  Since his retirement, he has been providing training to US and foreign allied military forces around the world, including at KASOTC in Amman, Jordan, as well as American law enforcement and law abiding private citizens.  

US Navy SEAL and modern warfare professional; Jeff Gonzales serves as President for Trident Concepts, LLC. Jeff was a decorated and respected SEAL serving as an operator and instructor participating in numerous combat operations throughout the world. Comprising a staff of diverse and professional Naval Special Warfare instructors, this battle proven company specializes in weapons, tactics and techniques to meet the evolving threat. Bringing the same high-intensity mindset, operational success and lessons learned from NSW to our training programs TRICON© has been recognized as an industry leader by various federal, state and local units. 

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Don Edwards is a retired 20+ year veteran of US Army Special Operations. He has been involved in both training and on the ground in combat environments providing real world , real time combat and training solutions specializing in firearms, tactics, counterinsurgency and counter-IED tactics.​He began his career in 3rd Bn 75th Ranger Regiment where he was a participant in Operation Just Cause and retired from the 20th Special Forces Group where he served as a Team Sergeant, Weapons Sergeant, and Intelligence Sergeant during combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Don Edwards has been providing high end advisory and consulting services to the Department of Defense since 2008.  He is a FLETC certified firearms instructor.and has served for five years as the Use of Force training manager and primary instructor at the ATF National Academy in Glynco, GA instructing in tactics and firearms. 

Until recently, Don was the Director of  Training for TNVC, Tactical Night Vision Company and is the owner of Greenline Tactical, LLC.  

AZTEC Training Services

Our mission is to offer top tier tactical and marksmanship training and consulting services to military, government, law enforcement, and civilian markets.  Our courses are taught by highly experienced, combat proven instructors drawn from the highest levels of military special operations and law enforcement communities who are recognized subject matter experts in what they teach.  We are also available for private group, individual, corporate, or agency training.  Please contact us with your request.


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