SGM(ret) Daryl Holland has over 20 years of active duty experience and has conducted hundreds of special operations combat missions in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, the Philippines, and the Mexican border.  He spent 12 years on two separate tours in Delta Force as an operator, sniper, team leader, and OTC (Operator Training Course) instructor.  He also spent 5 years on two separate tours in 1st Special Forces Group, first as a Combat Diver and then as an ODA (Operational Detachment-Alpha) Team Sergeant.  While in Special Forces during the 9/11 terrorist attack, Daryl volunteered and returned to Delta Force to conduct combat missions in the Hindu Kush mountains as a Sniper and Mountaineer and on the streets of Baghdad as an Assault Team Leader.  Upon his retirement in 2007, Daryl was employed by numerous government contractors as an instructor or SME (subject matter expert) in surveillance, CQB, MOUT, and Advanced Marksmanship training where he trained or worked with US SOF (Special Operations Forces) and numerous international Special Operations units.  Daryl currently continues to train weapons and tactics to law enforcement, military, and law-abiding citizens around the world and is currently also a Colt brand ambassador.

Daryl Holland Course Offerings

2-Day Rifle Precision Marksmanship

This course is designed to give a shooter the ability to read winds and other effecting elements, maintain a gun data book and with a cold bore, precisely engage unknown distances beyond 600m with your Long Gun Rifle.  The .308 Bolt Gun or semi-auto rifle with similar and higher calibers will be fine.  5.56 will suffer greatly beyond 600m but is not a show stopper for this course.

Topics covered:
-Gun set up, optics/equipment review pros & cons

- Determine muzzle velocity with chronometer for ballistic programs

- Long Gun Shooting Fundamentals & Zeroing ammo
- Shooting positions; prone, kneeling, standing & improvised
- Shooter & Spotter dialog

- Determine & correct for meteorological conditions
- Conversion of wind to MOA/Hold off in inches
- Conversion of wind to MIL/Hold off increments

- Wind calling and reading bullet

2-Day Scoped Rifle Course

This Scoped rifle course is designed for personnel who desire the ability to observe the environmental conditions, calculate for those conditions and with a cold bore rifle (1st round), effectively engage targets at an Unknown Distances out to 1000 meters.  .308 or larger/long range caliber recommended.

Weapons & equipment set up


Correcting for environmental conditions

Range & Wind estimation

Fundamentals of Rifle shooting

Position shootings

Shooter/Spotter Dialog

Gun data development (100m-1000m)

UKD Top Gun Event

PRS Top Gun Event


2-Day Pistol & Carbine

This 2 day class is for shooters who have a good understanding of the carbine rifle and pistol basics, and have competent safe gun handling skills that wish to further improve upon their carbine and pistol marksmanship capabilities.  Whether for personal self-defense, for on the job (LE/Mil/Security) or for competitive shooting.  This course will progress to where every shooter regardless of skill and ability will be challenged.  Topics include safety, weapons and gear setup, ballistics, shooting fundamentals, accuracy shooting, reloads, malfunctions, barricade shooting, shooting on the move, weapons transitions, engaging multiple targets, stress shooting and tactical movement with communication as a team member.

Topics covered during 2-day carbine rifle & pistol course: 
- Pistol Marksmanship
- Rifle Marksmanship and Ballistics
- Shooting positions & Alternate Positions out to 200m
- Malfunctions & Reloading
- Transition Drills
- Body Mechanics and Urban Tactical Movements
- Barricade uses & Communicating within a team
- Speed Shooting Drills 

 2-Day Tactical Handgun Class

This 2-Day Intermediate Handgun course is recommended for those that have attended a shooting course before or who have a good understanding of pistol basics and already have safe gun handling skills.  This course is suited for Individuals interested in improving their placement at local matches, or simply want to improve their marksmanship ability and gun handling skills.  Safety 1st and we’ll crawl, walk and run.

Topics covered will include:

- weapon setup, gear, sights, ballistics, cleaning/lube

- safety, fundamentals, accuracy

- positions, speed, barricades

- shooting on the move

- reloads and malfunctions

- strong/weak hand shooting

- multiple targets

- stress shooting/competition

- low light discrimination (optional)


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