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The Mid-Range Marksmanship (MRM) is an advanced level 3-day class designed to push the shooter and equipment to the maximum effective range of the M4/AR15 platform. Students will learn how to deliver effective fire at ranges from 10m to 300m through an expanded understanding of marksmanship principles and their equipment. They will learn proper zeroing procedures, Point Blank Range theory, known and unknown distance shooting and shooting positions optimally suited for mid-range engagements. A major objective of this class is the ability to achieve first-round lethal strikes at unknown distances. Supporting objectives are to determine the previous round’s bullet track to achieve second-round lethal strikes if necessary.


Class starts promptly at 8am till 5pm

Class Limited to 15 students Max

Class Prerequisites:Combative Rifle, Level Two or similar

Jeff Gonzales Mid-Range Marksmanship Oct 4-6, 2019 Alliance, OH

  • Alliance Training Center

    1930 S Freedom Ave # B,

    Alliance, OH 44601