This is a unique opportunity to train with TWO of the finest pistol shots in the world together: Rob Leatham, multiple time World Champion shooter and Bryan Morgan, Delta Force veteran.  Two separate ranges will be utilized for this class so it flows smoothly. Students will spend half of each day with one instructor and then swap to the other instructor for the remainder of the day. The class will come together at various times for lecture portions, safety briefs, etc. Students signing up for this class are expected to show up ready to shoot. This is an advanced level class, all students are expected to have a very firm grasp of the fundamentals and extensive shooting experience.


About Rob Leatham: Rob Leatham, also known as "TGO" ("The Great One") needs no introduction. Rob has one of the most impressive and comprehensive sport shooting resumes in the world, in addition to conducting training for select US Army units, the FBI, and practical pistol competition classes for civilian shooters. His world and national title accomplishments include; 6-Time IPSC World Champion, 24-Time USPSA National Champion, 16-Time Single Stack / USPSA Champion. Quite simply he is the greatest competitive shooter the world has ever known.


About Bryan Morgan: U.S. Army Master Sergeant (Retired) with 21 years of Army Service which includes 15 years of Joint Special Operations experience, and 18 years Private Sector Consulting and Special Activities. Planned and conducted combat operations in Africa, Eastern Europe, Iraq and Afghanistan. Intimate knowledge of Limited Military Signature (LowVis) Operations, particularly Physical and/or Technical Surveillance and Detention Operations. Planned and conducted training for individuals, teams, and organizations from a wide variety of U.S. and foreign military and law enforcement groups. This training includes Live Fire CQB/CQC; Mechanical, Ballistic and Explosive Breaching; Advanced and Precision Rifle Marksmanship; Aerial Sniper/Designated Marksman; Advanced Pistol Marksmanship; Ground Mobility; and Personnel Security Details/Force Protection Operations. Leadership and management skills developed from the top rated business training team in the nation; the most elite Tier 1 counter-terrorism organization in the world.


NOTE: Typical round count for a day course is between 750-1000 rounds. However, due to the current ammunition shortage and cost conditions, the instructor will tailor courses of fire for the individual students who may wish to conserve ammo or have a shortage of ammo.


Leatham/Bryan Morgan 3 Day Advanced Handgun Dec 2-4th, 2022 Casa Grande AZ

  • Casa Grande PD Range

    2760 South Isom Road
    Casa Grande, AZ 85122