Red dots sights on pistols are the future and the future is now.   More and more handguns are coming from gun manufacturers capable of mounting red dot sights out of the box, red dot optics manufacturers continue to ruggedize their sights to meet the demand of a recoiling semi-automatic pistol, and more and more law enforcement agencies are approving the use of red dots on service pistols.  This course will help with the operator and instructor to best understand the red dot on a pistol. Larry will discuss the past, the future, and the various applications of mounting a red dot on a pistol. On the range, the students will learn the potential advantages and disadvantages of using a red dot on a pistol. The course will cover dot tracking, drawing from the holster, and using the iron sight in conjunction with the red dot.  Students will experience CQB to distance shooting drills to validate the course lessons.


NOTE: Typical round count for a day course is between 750-1000 rounds. However, due to the current ammunition shortage and cost conditions, the instructor will tailor courses of fire for the individual students who may wish to conserve ammo or have a shortage of ammo.

Vickers 2 Day Red Dot Pistol Operator Apr. 12-13, 2021 East Granby, CT

  • Hartford Gun Club 

    157 S. Main St.,

    East Granby, CT 06026

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