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Robert Vogel is a professional marksman, competition shooter, and National/World champion. He is the only Law Enforcement Officer ever to win World and National Championships in the Practical Pistol Disciplines of IPSC, IDPA and USPSA.

he has been a Police Officer for over 15 years. Eight and a half of those years were spent as a full-time street cop while also being a member of the county’s joint-department SWAT team. During that tenure he also served as a firearm instructor for both the department and the SWAT team.

List of accomplishments include:

  • IPSC World Champion (Production)

  • 2-time IDPA World Champion (Stock Pistol)

  • 4-time USPSA National Champion (Production & Limited 10)

  • 8-time IDPA National Champion (Stock, Enhanced, Custom)

  • 10-time IDPA Indoor National Champion (Stock & Enhanced)

  • 2-time IPSC National Champion (Production&Standard)

  • 4-time Pro-Am Professional Champion (Limited & Open)

  • 3-time IDPA Carolina Cup Champion

  • 6-time USPSA Area Champion (Areas 5,6,8)

  • 12-time Indiana State Champion (USPSA & IDPA)

  • 11-time Ohio State Champion (USPSA & IDPA)

  • 12-time Michigan State Champion (USPSA & IDPA)

  • 7-time IDPA Great Lakes Regional Champion


  • USPSA Grandmaster – Limited

  • USPSA Grandmaster – Production

  • USPSA Grandmaster – Limited 10

  • USPSA Grandmaster – Open (with iron sighted G17)

  • IDPA Distinguished Master – SSP

  • IDPA Distinguished Master – ESP

  • IDPA Distinguished Master – CDP

  • IDPA Five Gun Master

Robert Vogel Course Offerings


In this course the student will be given the insight into what it takes to develop truly World Class shooting skills.  Starting out with the fundamentals and then delving into a heavy dose of technique that goes well beyond the basics, the student will learn the dynamics involved in driving a pistol to the highest level.  This course is designed around the ultimate and equal balance of accuracy and speed that is applicable just as much to LE/Military training as it is to competition.   Aside from the techniques and skills taught this course also has aspects that require the student to truly “think” while operating on a course of fire.  A balance between competitive shooting and tactical applications will be maintained.  That being said, performing under pressure is paramount.  Outside of actual real life situations competition is one of the few ways pressure can truly be induced.  If you carry or use a handgun in any way, shape or form you will benefit from this course.

This course is geared towards the LE/Military Operator who must continually go into harm’s way.  Being able to operate and truly “run” a pistol is the primary focus here. Pistol shooting fundamentals and especially techniques are covered extensively.  The proper balance of accuracy and speed is discussed in detail and will be put to the test in various shooting exercises.  Many exercises are designed to improve the skill and comfort level of an Officers ability to shoot on the move….as well as just move efficiently with a pistol in their hands.   The most important aspect in all of shooting though is the ability to perform under pressure; it is of course absolutely paramount.  However there are few ways to truly induce pressure on someone to perform with a “real” gun in a controlled environment.   This will also be discussed and put to the test in various “competitive” exercises that may be beyond the comfort zone of many.   If you’re seriously looking to become a better more confident pistol shooter you will benefit from this course.

This course will focus on all that is needed to excel in Practical Pistol shooting competition.  Fundamentals and techniques will be discussed in great detail and students will not only learn the “how” but also the “why” of certain aspects of shooting.  Geared mostly towards competitors in USPSA, IPSC and IDPA the rules, equipment, strategy and nuances of these disciplines will be thoroughly covered.  From dryfire to basic classifier drills to shooting actual stages it is all a part of this class.  Last but not least match strategy and the all important “mental game” will be talked about as well.  Regardless of where you’re at skill wise this course contains what you need to take yourself to the next level.

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