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AZTEC Training Frequently Asked Questions

Since the announcement of the formation of AZTEC Training Services, we have been inundated with and are humbled by the emails and phone calls expressing support. Many of you have inquiries about the status of previously scheduled Alias classes, customer payments with Alias, future AZTEC classes, and of range invitations. We hope to answer some of these questions here rather than individually so that we can focus our limited resources on proceeding expeditiously and immediately forward with finalizing our processes and the class schedule for the remainder of the year and into 2017.

Is AZTEC affiliated with Alias?

AZTEC has no affiliation with Alias Training. This is a completely new venture in which Larry Vickers is a direct managing partner.

What is going to happen with the Alias class that I was scheduled to attend?

We can only speak for the instructors that we are affiliated with. We are currently working to reschedule or restructure their classes. We have not finalized anything yet at this time but will update all affected students as soon as we can.

Will I get my deposit/payment back from Alias for upcoming classes that I have already paid for from Alias or the instructors?

Since AZTEC has no affiliation with Alias, we cannot assist in this matter nor can we speak for all the other Alias instructors that we have no current affiliation with who, unfortunately, are also owed money. We highly recommend that you contact your credit card company or paypal as soon as possible to see what recourse you have in recovering your money.

What will happen if I cannot get my Alias class prepayment refunded?

Larry Vickers has committed to honoring in full if any of his students’ payments to Alias or the instructor's portion thereof of scheduled classes that are not recoverable by you. This means that if you, the student, had paid in full or a portion for one of Larry’s upcoming classes with Alias, and were unable to recover your payment from Alias or your credit card company or paypal, your Alias payment is considered a credit for any upcoming Aztec Training Larry Vickers class through the end of 2017. Note: the credit is only good with the instructor that the credit applies to and if the below conditions are met.

How will you credit my Alias payment towards a future Aztec class?

If you are a registered paid student for one of Larry’s or Daryl Holland's classes, please email us directly as soon as possible so that we can match your information with our records. Please email with:

  1. Name

  2. Contact information (email, phone)

  3. Proof of payment (emailed receipt or emailed credit card/paypal transaction record)

  4. Confirmation Email from Alias for your deposit with the class name and class date

  5. Proof that you have attempted but are unable to recover your deposit for the Alias Training class in the form of a written response from your credit card company or from paypal, etc.

When the above conditions are met and the credit is approved, we will send you a confirmation email noting the issuance of credit to you. Please save this email. To claim the credit, just email us to inform us of the class you wish to take and include the saved credit issuance confirmation email with your request. The credit will be good for the instructor you are credited for through the end of 2017.

Why is Larry committing to honoring the Alias deposits despite possibly never being able to recoup any of it?

Quote from Larry:

“the students did nothing wrong in this situation and I chose to let Alias handle the class. That means I’m going to step up to the plate and do right by my students. In addition remember I have trained an estimated 5000 students in 10 years; every class has many repeat customers. They are very loyal to me and not only attend my training but also buy my products and support my online video efforts. I have many students that have attended 10 or more of my classes. I consider many of them personal friends – the last thing I was going to do was hang them out to dry. And for the record I won’t see a dime of the students deposits for the rest of the year and I am owed $30,000 by Alias for past classes- more than any other instructor. I estimate the most I’ll get for any class for the remainder of the year is about 1/3rd pay – that ok as December will be here before you know it, 2017 will be a great year with a new company (AZTEC training services) and I will drive on. Thanks again for all your support and I’ll see you guys at the range !!”

Quote Source - Soldier Systems Daily blog

I am a Range or Host and am owed money by Alias for fees and supplies for your classes. Will you credit me also?

Unfortunately, we cannot assist with your financial loss in these areas.

How do I stay current with AZTEC Training updates and news?

Please visit our website or social media frequently and subscribe to our newsletter.

If you have further questions, please email us.

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