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AZTEC Training Services and our instructor cadre are proud to have some of the finest companies in the firearms and tactical industry as supporters and sponsors.


I just finished Daryl Hollands 2 day handgun and he is not only an outstanding instructor but a very approachable and salt of the earth guy, he is truly an asset to your cadre of instructors.

G.Gildner / Private Investigator

This week I had the opportunity to attend a basic carbine / pistol training course hosted by Rob Schoening, owner of LHGK. The guest instructor is an old friend and mentor of mine – Larry Vickers. If you enjoy carbine & pistol shooting and you don’t know Larry he is worth Googling.

 Back in the “Mil”, when a lot of us where seeking the holy grail to our question on how to be better shooters – we brought in many top shooters in those days - Larry Vickers, along with a hand full of other top operators, maintained a very pragmatic approach to shooting.

 They maintained that the fundamentals of marksmanship transcend everything else. Like a lot of us that still shoot for a living, Larry has picked up a few new techniques over the years, but his philosophy on learning the basics until they are second nature has not changed.

 I thoroughly enjoyed taking Larry’s class, and am not ashamed to admit you don’t know how much of the basics you have forgotten until you are challenged by distance and time!

Paul Hein / Marketing / Retired Military

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