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Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in an AZTEC class, you are acknowledging that:

  • You are a lawful US Citizen engaging in training for personal or professional development

  • It is your responsibility to be aware of local laws and regulations regarding such training activities and the transportation/storage/features allowed/not allowed of firearms and ammunition.

  • You are fully aware of all the risks involved with such activity and that you agree to indemnify Aztec Training Services and our instructors against any potential injuries, liabilities, or harm that may potentially arise from such activities.

  • You are responsible, mindful, and safe and demonstrate basic skills and common sense required for such training. 

  • Should the instructor(s) deem, in their professional opinion, that you do not meet the standards of safety for taking their class, he(they) reserve the right to suspend you from certain exercises or expel you from the class.

  • Should the instructor(s), in his(their) professional opinion, consider you uncooperative, disruptive, inattentive, or exhibit any conduct that hinders the class instruction, he(they) reserve the right to expel you from the class.

  • AZTEC Training Services, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any individual or organization for any reason.

  • AZTEC Training Services, LLC reserves the right to change, update, or alter our policies at any time. 

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